Canada Research Chair in the Geochemistry of Coastal Hydrogeosystems

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The overall goal of the Research Chair in Coastal Hydrogeosystems Geochemistry is to characterize and quantify the underground geochemical transformations between coastal water bodies and oceans.

In the long term, the goal is to predict how global changes will affect northern coastal hydrogeosystems and the ecosystems that depend on them.

The balance of matter between ocean and continent as well as the geochemical transformations of the coastal ocean are at the heart of current concerns. The coastal ocean plays a dominant role in the global geochemical cycles, and particularly in the carbon cycle, but it is also directly subject to anthropogenic disturbances.

Between continent and ocean, rivers are considered the main voice of exchange. However, there is another source of more diffuse and common inputs in the coastal area : groundwater discharges. These invisible landfills connect coastal aquifers directly to the ocean via real underground estuaries and are a neglected and poorly valued voice for transport and transformation for carbon, nutrients and contaminants, especially in northern regions.

What are the geochemical processes implemented in these areas of invisible mixtures ? How to quantify the underground trade between continent and ocean ? How to predict the future of these exchanges and their impacts on the health of adjacent ecosystems in the perspective of global changes ? These are the questions addressed in this chair.

Chairholder : Gwénaëlle Chaillou
Phone : 418 723-1986, extension 1950
Office O-216

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