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Conférence de madame Tetjana Ross

Assistant Professor, Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University, Halifax

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Le 23 mars à 15h 15
Salle Mohammed-El-Sabh (P-210)

Listening to the ocean in colour : Forays into high-frequency broadband acoustics

Résumé : For nearly three quarters of a century oceanographers have used sonar technology to learn about the ocean interior. However, using standard narrowband sonar it is difficult to distinguish between different sources of scattering. This seminar will explore the idea of using acoustic colour (or scattering of sound as a function of frequency) to discrimate between biotic (different taxa of zooplankton and fish ) and abiotic (double-diffusive and turbulent microstructure ) sources of scatering in a number of different experiments.

Dernier ajout:  lundi 26 mars 2012