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Conférence de monsieur Zhi-Ping Mei, Ph.D., Research associate

Marine Macroecology and Biogeochemistry Lab, Mount Allison University, New Brunswick

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Le 4 juin 2018 à 15 h
Salle Mohammed-El-Sabh (P-210)

Macroecological research of marine phytoplankton


Macroecology studies the ecological patterns across multiple space and time scales, and involves multiple species across a wide range of phylogeny, and the mechanisms in the formation of the patterns. This talk has two parts. First, I will present my current work on ecological niche analysis of marine phytoplankton using Maximum Entropy (Maxent) based on field data of long-term time series station. Ecological niche of species defines environmental requirement of a species, and determines where and when a species can be found. Based on ecological niche of a species, it’s possible to analyze how community structure may change in response to environmental change. Second part of the talk is on the size-dependent growth of phytoplankton, and associated changes in elemental stoichiometry of phytoplankton, that were done in Shantou, China. Variations of elemental stoichiometry of phytoplankton of different species have important consequences to the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in marine ecosystems.

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