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Marine Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (LCMSM)

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The mission of the Marine Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (LCMSM) is to perform chemical analyses for local and national scientific communities, as well as private businesses. Its state-of-the-art equipment provide comprehensive solutions for customers wishing to characterize their samples. The laboratory has developed analysis protocols to identify and quantify natural substances, organic and inorganic pollutants, minerals, and elementary composition, as well as stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes. Our technology platform boasts four mass spectrometers :

  • Gas chromatograph coupled to an ion trap mass spectrometer, Trace GC/ITQ 900 (GC-MS, ThermoScientific) ;
  • Liquid chromatograph coupled to an ion trap mass spectrometer, Accela/LTQ XL-LTQ Orbitrap (LC-API-MS, ThermoScientific) ;
  • Liquid Chromatograph linked to an Inductively Coupled Plasma with quadrupole mass spectrometer detection, LC 1100/Agilent 7500c, (LC-ICP-MS, Agilent) direct analysis of solid sample by laser ablation UP213/Agilent 7500c ;
  • Gas chromatograph/Elemental analyser coupled to an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer, Trace GC Ultra/Delta Plus XP/ECS 4010 (GC-EA-IRMS, ThermoElectron/COSTECH) ;
  • A large range of chemicals are extracted from various type of samples by Accelerated Solvent Extraction with an ASE200 system by DIONEX.

Research and development of new analysis methods in partnership with our clients is obviously part of the mission of ISMER’s marine chemistry and mass spectrometry laboratory.

Contact : Mathieu Babin
Phone : 418-723-1986 extension 1153
Office : O-258

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