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Institut des sciences de la mer’s POLR laboratory offers research and graduate training programs on estuarine and coastal circulation in the St. Lawrence and subpolar regions like Hudson Bay. POLR students and professors take part in many applied and basic programs funded by government grants as well as a number of other private and public clients and partners. Expeditions on research vessels are held as part of these programs to collect fresh data on the circulation and climate of ice and water bodies. These observations are incorporated into high-definition digital simulators developed at POLR that can reconstitute variations and changes in climate and biological productivity over periods ranging from tidal and seasonal cycles to decades. Special interest is paid to dramatic changes in climate and marine habitats, including global warming and other human-induced effects such as watercourse regulation. POLR boasts near a dozen graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and analysts, as well as a state-of-the-art calculation system.

Contact : Simon Senneville
Phone : 418-723-1986 extension 1762
Office : O-244

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