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Particle and Surface Analysis Laboratory

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Using state-of-the-art instruments, the Particle and Surface Analysis Laboratory provides university researchers, government bodies, and private companies with its renowned scientific expertise for the characterization of living organisms, sediments, and materials. The laboratory provides five main services :

  • Flow cytometry and particle sorting [Epics Altra sorter, Beckman Coulter and Accuri analyser, BD]
  • Scanning electron microscopy [SEM 6460LV, JEOL]
  • Elemental composition analysis by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy [EDS INCAx-sight, Oxford Scientific]
  • Granulometry and particle size distribution analysis by laser scattering [LS13320, Beckman Coulter]
  • Laser scanning confocal microscope (LSM700, Carl Zeiss)

Contact : Claude Belzile
Phone : 418-723-1986 extension 1332
Office : O-120

Dernier ajout:  mardi 16 février 2016