Ph.D.. student opportunity in oceanography (Sedimentology)

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Topic : Sedimentology of the nearshore zone of the eastern James Bay

The environment of the east coast of the James Bay has undergone various changes in the last 50 years. Le hydroelectric James-Bay project has significantly modified discharge of the main rivers. The Zostera marina beds have also declined suddenly in the 1990s. These changes influence coastal ecosystems, including the migrating birds which are an important food resource for the local indigenous communities.

The projects objectives are to determine the environmental evolution during the last century using sediment cores and to define the sediment characteristics of the Zostera marina beds.

The study will be based on surface samples and several short cores, which will be collected in summer 2018 in the nearshore zone of the eastern James Bay. The sediment will be analysed for grain size, organic-matter composition, mineralogy composition by X-ray diffraction, and palynology (counting of pollens and dinoflagellate cysts under the microscope). These results will allow reconstructing the paleoenvironmental variations, defining the sediment provenance, and understanding the processes controlling the spatial sediment distribution.

This PhD project in marine geology is part of a multidisciplinary program on the coastal oceanography of the James Bay.

Financial Support

A scholarship of $18,500 per year will be provided for three years. A tuition exemption program is also available to cover the extra tuition fees of international students.

Qualifications, Skills, Experience Required

To apply

Applicants should send all the following documents to the persons mentioned below :

  • Cover letter ;
  • CV ;
  • University transcripts (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) ; ;
  • Names and contact information of two potential referees.

Selection of candidates

Selection of the candidates will continue until the position is filled. The selected candidate will have to register full time in the Ph.D. program in Oceanography at UQAR.

For more information, please contact :

Dr. Urs Neumeier
Professor in marine geology
310, allée des Ursulines
Rimouski QC G5L 3A1
Téléphone : 418 723-1986 poste 1278

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