Summer School from May 31 to June 3, 2016

Every year at the end of May, ISMER runs a summer school in oceanography for undergraduate and college level students—as well as interested teachers—who have a passion for the sea. Enrollment is limited to 20.

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the summer school provides an introduction to coastal oceanography through a range of activities. Following a brief introduction, you will meet specialists from diverse fields with an entire day devoted to meeting with professors and graduates from oceanography’s four disciplines : biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.

You will take part in a mini observation expedition, taking samples on the foreshore and on board a small vessel, and will use devices to take measurements and samples of plant and animal sediments in the water column and intertidal zone. This will be followed by a half day spent analyzing your samples.

At the end of the week, you will visit a research center or laboratory like the Pointe-au-Père Aquaculture Laboratory or Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Maurice Lamontagne Institute.

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