UNESCO chair in integrated analysis of marine systems

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Jean-Claude Brêthes
Phone : 418 723-1986, poste 1779
Office : P-228

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First UNESCO chair in the field of marine science in Canada, the UNESCO chair in integrated analysis of marine systems is based on a close collaboration with African countries (Senegal, Mauritania & Cape Verde) and with the French Antilles. The principal objectives of the chair are :

  • strengthen the training and scientific knowledge to build teams of young scientists capable of providing an efficient leadership in integrated analysis of marine systems (including social and economic factors) and develop a holistic view, based on the entire ecosystem ;
  • train students, in Canada and partner countries, in integrated analysis of marine systems ;
  • allow researchers and teachers to develop new skills in the field of ecosystem approach ;
  • train representatives of civil society (women’s organisations, fish harvesters’ associations) to the notion of sustainable development and to its management approach ;
  • advise on the development of marine protected areas networks with the aim of protect marine biodiversity ;
  • implement observatories of the marine environment in partner countries ;
  • study the ecology of marine mammals and develop conservation tools at a global scale
  • analyse the impact of fisheries on the structure of the ecosystem, directly on the target species as well as the indirect effects on the biodiversity and the habitat ;
  • develop management tools, based on ecosystem modelling, and share the results by a scientific popularisation process.

    This UNESCO chair is supported by the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commisssion and is the result of a partnership with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada, the government of Québec and the Conférence Régionale des ÉluEs of Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie.

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