The MARS project (Marine Acoustic Research Station) is a large-scale joint project between the Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski (ISMER) of the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) and Innovation maritime (IMAR) aimed at setting up and operating a world-class marine acoustic research station in the St. Lawrence Estuary.

This scholarship program aims to recruit 4 new full-time students beginning their master studies in the fall 2021 or winter 2022 semesters.

The scholarships, amounting to 20,000$ per year, will be for two years.

About the MARS Project

The station will be located in the center of the Laurentian Channel, near Rimouski.

This area, known for the abundance and diversity of marine mammals that frequent it, has several favorable characteristics for the establishment of the research station (bathymetry, weak currents, etc.). These characteristics and the configuration of the moorings planned for the station will make it possible to measure the acoustic signature of ships operating on the St. Lawrence according to recognized international standards, to better describe the shipping noise in the area and to assess its impact on the local marine life while providing practical mitigation measures.

The MARS project brings together several stakeholders in research and the maritime sector, as well as ship-owners concerned with improving their environmental imprint. MARS has received the support of several organizations interested in the harmonious coexistence between maritime transport and marine mammals.

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